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Secure your Kubernetes Environment 

Kubernetes has quickly emerged as the leading solution for container orchestration and many organizations are beginning to experiment with Kubernetes or even to use it in production operations.  While Kubernetes offers many benefits for dynamically operating and optimizing your capabilities for providing scalability and resiliency to container-based apps, there are also new potential vulnerabilities and process changes to consider, including the process for secret management and access control.

In this webinar we look at API security which is becoming a central issue in microservice-based architectures. We also review application and API security challenges and how cloud-native tools, like Wallarm, can help address those.

Learn to:

  • Configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for microservices
  • Best practices in logging and monitoring
  • Purpose and use-cases for Kubernetes namespaces
  • Secrets management for service-to-service and API authentication
  • API security issues and how to address application security in Kubernetes
  • How Wallarm Kubernetes-native protection can help address API security