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What happens when a Security product becomes the source of a security breach? Webinar host and Wallarm’s Global Security Strategist, Kavya Pearlman, discusses the importance of WAFs with CEO, Ivan Novikov, and guest speaker, Alissa Knight, Senior Analyst with Aite Group. Together they help understand the lessons from the Imperva breach, CapitalOne breach last month, and Cloudflare outage in July of this year. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our website or email request@wallarm.com

Learn about:

  • WAF and its importance in your Security Toolbox
  • Various types of WAFs and their similarities and differences (Traditional WAF, "Smart" WAF, CDN-based WAF)
  • What questions should you be asking while selecting a cloud-native WAF?
  • What precautions can you take? And, how can you quickly and effectively respond if a WAF provider becomes the actual source of a data breach?
  • How Wallarm can help