December 19th
10 am PST / 1 pm EST

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Cloud-native applications and infrastructure create several new challenges for all of us security professionals. We need to establish new security programs, have a new mindset and adopt advanced new
tools that are focused primarily on securing cloud-native
technologies. Webinar host and Wallarm’s Global Security Strategist, Kavya Pearlman, discusses the strategical and tactical aspects of Kubernetes security with the guest speaker Rob Richardson, Tech Evangelist for MemSQL.

Please register to join the webinar. You are also welcome to email your questions in advance to request@wallarm.com

Learn about:

  • Monolithic vs microservices architecture
  • What is Kubernetes and its Benefits
  • Securing K8 - Zooming in
    Essentials to build a secure Kubernetes environment
  • Securing K8 - Zooming Out
    Do’s and Don’ts for Containerized Environments
  • How Istio and ServiceMesh can affect security