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Introducing Wallarm Advanced Cloud-Native WAF

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Application and API security is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the enterprise security practice. Yet, most traditional WAFs are not able to deliver quality protection:

  • they cannot detect API attacks
  •  they lack cloud deployment options
  • they rely on regular expressions that are very expensive to maintain


Learn how Wallarm can become the right solution for your cloud, application, and API security needs. Wallarm delivers:

  • Advanced detection of a wide variety of native API protocols
  • Context-sensitive security rules that adapt to the application logic
  • No RegEx maintenance

* Cloud-native and K8s-native deployment

* Traffic-based pricing




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“For the latest generation of WAF, vendors have focused on adding more threat detection technologies such as application profiling and behavior analysis. Wallarm offers an adaptive security platform including an integrated Web vulnerability scanner and Next Generation WAF solution with automatically generated security rules based on AI”

Chris Rodrigues Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
Learn about:
  • Key API security requirements
  • Why RegEx are inadequate for attack detection
  • How to deploy WAF in a cloud-native environment
  • What are the benefits of WAF & DAST integration
  • Advanced Wallarm features and use-cases
Abraham Milan,
Security Solutions Architect

Abraham Milan advocates for defensive and offensive security strategies as a Solutions Engineer at Wallarm. Previous engagements include: WhiteHat Security, ThreatMetrix, etc. and served as a security advisor for myStreamUK. It’s not just data Abraham wants to protect. He spends a lot of time volunteering at organizations aimed at helping people out of poverty. Abraham co-founded his own 501(c)3, AngelWrench to help low-income families get much-needed car repairs.